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Tenacious Theatrics strives to spread the art of live theatre to everyone - free of charge. We believe, especially during these trying times, that the talents from our actors, musicians, and crew who create these great shows should be accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, the development of art like this doesn't come easy. It takes countless hours, a lot of patience, creativity, and hard work to bring shows like this to life. Our shows are produced solely by donations. With the help of your donation, no matter how large or small, you can become part in helping this company grow in production value, expand our team, and thank our talent and production team who perform these shows without monetary compensation.

We appreciate your interest and excitement in seeing Tenacious Theatrics reach its full potential. If you cannot show your support with a monetary donation at this time, do not worry. We welcome you and thank you for tuning in and enjoying our presentations!



$5 - Thanks from Tenacious Theatrics

$25 - Special Thanks credit*

$50 - Super Donor credit*

$100 - Producer credit*

*Your name will be included in the credits of the upcoming show if a donation is made before the stream date. Any donations made during or after a stream will be credited for the next show.




Cynthia Huie

Jill Rubinoski

Lyle M. Rose

Larry and Liz Surbey

Mike and Lynn Brady

Patrick Ewing

Benita Calloway

Kathleen Rowe

Dr. Chan Shun Hung

Ranaye Miles


Lynn Grady

Marcus Gualberto

Thomas Lavelle

Karen Greiner

Nicole Metzner

Justin Hanks

Karen Washington

Nancy Fitzgerald

Jacob Hodges

Janna Mamar

Gloria Hung

John Rinaldi

Margaret Surbey

James Ewing

Susan Wilkes

Lindsey Surbey

Lawrence Rose


Elizabeth Pegg

Timothy Reynolds

Rachel Pappas

Sandra L. Campbell

Henry Compton

Sherry I. Jones

Christina McCabe

Madeleine Blakely

Hiedeh Honari

John Ashfield

Christine Moran

Paul Weintraub

Wouter Lagerweij

Anita Carey

Thomas Spillman


Andrea McBee

Lily Klopcic

Courtney Friedersdorf

Natali de Assis

Kelsey Krull

Hector Hernandez

Alice Segafreddo

Mireille de Wit

Denise Fritsch

Martin Kelly

Nicole Sheppard

Barbara Reynolds

Cindy Dwyer

Vienna Von Arx

Stephanie Bowen

Trina Staten

Lindsay Miller

Jonathan Rees

Bear Creek Apps & Media

Jacquelyn Nash

Scott Stewart

Tiwari Agnes

Jeffrey Smith

Kristiana Dorn-Ruhl

Kendra Handy

Charlisa Davis

Via Media

Philip Blair

Lisa Donze Jacob

Jon Clay

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