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How We Keep the Art Alive

This is a talk show produced by Tenacious Theatrics to celebrate and discuss how performers, creators, and artists have overcome the effects of their industries caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In each episode, our host Leonard W. Rose sits down with three different artists, seeing how they keep their art alive.

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Episode 1

Featuring: Hannah Weaver, Natalie Holt MacDonald and Christian Cieiri

Episode 2

Featuring: Wylie Gavin Lyall, Michaela C. Moore and Molly Burris

Episode 3

Featuring: John Rinaldi, Zoe Heggie and Justin Hanks

Episode 4

Featuring: Juliana Conte, Aaron Penzel and Rocco Arrigo

Episode 5

Featuring: Mackenzie Surbey, Becca Adams Weinberg and Joshua Lawson

Episode 6

Featuring: Kaitlin Harbin, McKenna Lyons and Candice Burridge

Episode 7

Featuring: Hailey Vest, Corinne Bachand and a special Mystery Guest Star

Episode 8

Featuring: Gia Erichson, Alex Greenberg and Martin Noyes

Episode 9

Featuring: Mia Ortega, Suzanne Slade and Christian Magby

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